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Occupational Health FAQs

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What should employers have employees or job candidates bring when they visit ParkMed for Occupational Health services?


All employees or job candidates must bring a photo ID and any company forms that are to be completed by our medical providers. If candidates will be receiving immunizations during their visit, they should bring their record of past immunizations.


If an employee was injured at work and initially treated at an emergency department, the employee should bring their medical documentation from the visit.

Can you help us assess the physical ability and/or medical qualifications of our applicants to perform a job?


Yes, our clinics performs post-offer/pre-employment and OSHA Medical surveillance examinations to determine if prospective employees meet the physical and medical requirements to perform the essential functions of a job. These evaluations can include physical ability tests that mimic particular functions of a job.

Does HIPAA apply in Workers’ Compensation?


The HIPAA Privacy Rule does not apply to entities that are Workers’ Compensation insurers, Workers’ Compensation administrative agencies, or employers, except to the extent they may otherwise be covered entities. However, these entities need access to the health information of individuals who are injured on the job or who have a work-related illness to process or adjudicate claims, or to coordinate care under Workers’ Compensation systems. Generally, this health information is obtained from health care providers who treat these individuals and who may be covered by the Privacy Rule. The Privacy Rule recognizes the legitimate need of insurers and other entities involved in the Workers’ Compensation systems to have access to individuals’ health information as authorized by State or other law. Due to the significant variability among such laws, the Privacy Rule permits disclosures of health information for Workers’ Compensation purposes in a number of different ways.

Why is pre-employment fit-for-duty testing a good idea?


Pre-employment fit-for-duty testing is used to determine an applicant’s physical suitability for the job at hand. Comprehensive tests are custom-designed for the specific job function and are typically used to identify pre-existing injuries. 

When can I drug test my employees?


You can drug test your employees for any of the following reasons: pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and random testing.

How long will it take to get drug test results?


Drug test results typically take 24 to 48 hours, depending upon the type of test being performed (e.g., urine, hair, or DOT). If ParkMed Occupational Health serves only as the collection site for your drug tests, then results will be reported to you directly from your selected lab/third-party administrator, and their result turnaround times may vary.

Who do I call to make an appointment?


Please call the clinic location you wish to use. Click here for location details. 

Who do I contact with questions regarding my account?


For account related questions, comments, concerns or to set up a new account, please contact:

Steve McGovern, Director of Occupational Health Services and RCM Analytics

Phone: (219) 218-4348

Email: smcgovern@tauc.com

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