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Must-knows about the Flu!


With flu season quickly approaching, flu myths can circulate as quickly as the virus itself. ParkMed Urgent Care physician, Dr. Rooke, is answering common questions about the flu.


Will the flu shot give me the flu?

This is one of the most common questions related to the flu. And the answer is: You cannot get the flu from the flu shot! It is possible to experience some flu-like effects from receiving the shot, such as aches, runny nose and fatigue. The possible flu-like symptoms after receiving the shot should only last a few days or less.


Why is it important to get the flu shot?

It’s especially important for young people, the elderly and people with underlying medical issues to get the flu shot each year to prevent serious complications from contracting the flu.

It’s also important to protect yourself in order to prevent the spread of the flu virus through the community, which can cause lost productivity at school and work.


When is the best time of year to get the flu shot?

It’s best to get the flu shot in late September or early October before flu season strikes; however, it may be given throughout flu season.  The key to the flu shot’s effectiveness, as with most immunizations, is to receive it early enough for the body’s immune system to react to the shot for immunity to the specific strains of influenza included in the shot.



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